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by Gareth Hughes


“What To Dip aims to provoke the concerns on our consumption of Raw Material and Natural Resource by using art as a common ground of exchanging expressions, ideas, suggestions, comments and knowledge to diverse audience in Thailand, it encourages artists to explore and investigate on the influences of capitalism/consumerism/materialism/globalism toward our purchasing and consuming behavior that caused environmental exploitation either directly or indirectly. We buy more than we need. We waste more than we benefit from what we think we need. Every action has its consequences toward what we intervene, eventually someone somewhere has to pay. Rapid rise demand on raw material/ natural resource for our daily usage in contradiction to gradual replacement of those resources results in a critical imbalance, not to mention disasters that are taking place in several parts of the planet including man-made destruction such war which again accelerates rapid losses of resources. Sustainable ideas such as recycle, reuse and utilization of local resources although being considered globally in theory, yet over-consumption is quicker on a daily basis and the ignorance to put those sustainable ideas into practice make it tough to balance it all out. The world manipulation generate unnecessary temptation for people to value social status and enlarge our selfishness for our individual social survival rather than building up unity to genuinely create mass benefit to human community as a whole. Who do you think gains the maximum benefit from our consumption? How will we cope with the critical situation of raw material resources in the materialistic world?”

Criteria of exhibiting work selection

Exhibitors comprise of
1) Jury-Exhibitors who are Uncooked Culture’s members, contribute their collaboration to project idea development and the exhibition administration.
2) Non-member Exhibitors. All submitted work including Juries’ work will go through selection discussion by Uncooked Culture’s members who stand as Panel of Juries, the selection criteria are based on the grounds below

To be able to achieve “What To Dip” aim, Uncooked Culture encourage artists to make the submissions of artwork that reflect raw/bold/outsider characters of Uncooked Culture’s mission and share at least one of these following grounds:
-Thought provoking in relation to What To Dip concept
-Emotion provoking in relation to What To Dip concept
-Proactive approach
-Suggestive/inspiring on the solution of the issues such as sustainable ideas/recycle/reuse and etc.
-Imaginative, marginal visions on the issues, not necessary practical/realistic -they could be an exaggeration of ideas
-Visually materialistic to reflect/inspire the usage/application of your local raw material (use local material as medium to produce your work), found relevant local materials are included (found material should reflect characters/nature/situations of your local.

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