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Figurative WEDNESDAY  Art Class in Notting Hill with an award winning artist


Please contact the class instructor before making an online booking: uncookedculture@gmail.com

Class Instructor: Chutima Kerdpitak(aka Nok)
A multi-disciplinary artist - a painter, 2D mixed-media & found objects installation artist & sculptor. Nok will draw/paint along with you and will guide/assist you side by side in the direction you wish to go.

Please contact the class instructor before making an online booking: uncookedculture@gmail.com

Coffee and Tea are included in the fee.

Fee: £50/day( Wednesday, 12 - 5pm) for One-off session. A class customised to your available day can also be discussed.

£175 for Full-Class of 4 sessions, Wednesdays, 12-5pm  
Classes: Wednesdays, 12-5pm

Further info, please send an email to Nok: uncookedculture@gmail.com

All sessions are focusing on the essence of observation and capturing the character/personality of the person we draw and expressing it on a surface.

1st Session - Drawing exercises with pencil/graphite/charcoal on paper.

2nd Session - Experiment on figurative painting based on the focus on observation with water-based paint ( acrylic/water colour/gouache) or your other preferable mediums such as colour pencil, felt-tip pens/markers & oil pastel. Oil paint & Spray paint are not allowed. You can work on your preferable support such as paper, canvases or boards.

3rd Session - The focus is in capturing the person and composition of a figurative work. Attendees are free to use their preferable medium. In this session, you are given a task to create a final work that you can experiment on style and approach of the painting that is free to add ideas on the painting.

4th Session - The class focuses on finding yourself and bring out your individuality and carry on the task given from the 3rd Session. There are a casual discussion on how each attendee has achieved according to their plans at the beginning of this session.

The class/workshop will host 3 attendees per session.
Chutima(Nok) won an award from The Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2008. One of her water-colour painting was selected to be shown at Bankside Gallery London for The Sunday Times Water-Color of the 21st Century Competition Exhibition, The Royal Watercolour Society.

Nok is also the founder & director of a global artist collective, Uncooked Culture, operated in Powis Square - Notting Hill, where the workshop/class is held.